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Our Front Door status: Knock To Enter (3/27/2020@2pm)

As the current world-wide heath situation moves forward, the Clergy and Lay-Officers of Trinity Lutheran Church are monitoring and adapting. Below is how we stand as of 2pm, March 27th:
- The (physical) Church Office is manned only by appointment. Otherwise, Lay-Officers are Telecommuting to work until further notice. If you come to the front door and do not have an appointment, the chances of someone answering are at best 50/50. For Emergency access or the make an appointment, call in advance at 201-941-5755.
- Wednesday Lenten Service scheduled at Trinity has been canceled until further notice.
- All non-faith (non-religious) gatherings are suspended.
- Our Neighbor and tenant, Children’s Learning Center, Has announced their closer until (at least) March 30th. This is both out of caution and to comply with state and federal mandates and recommendations.
- No one is to be in the building after dark unless planned in advance. This is to keep unnecessary vehicular traffic off local streets after dark. If you do have an appointment during this period, please exit the building at least one hour before sundown.
As of the time of this posting, regular Sunday service will be held as planned. HOWEVER; seating will be limited to 40 persons. The doors will be closed once capacity is reached. If you have either a computer or mobile device capable of streaming live video, you are encouraged to join us for prayer at home. Visit: TrinityFairview.org/Live for our live stream Sunday morning.
As of this posting, the launch of our notifications page has been delayed. It is currently set to launch by 2pm Wed. 3/28. The address will be: TrinityFairview.org/Alerts.
May the peace of The Lord be with you always.