Front Door Status: Appointment Only May 16, 2020

As other location in the area are either preparing to reopen or in some cases already reopened, it may be tempting to think that our build will follow suit by default. Please be advised: Our building will remain on a By-Appointment-Only status until announced otherwise (likely at some point next week). Any and all persons wishing to enter the build must continue to make an appointment with the Church Secretary and/or otherwise be scheduled in advance to enter. This is essential to ensure safe condition at this time

Remember, Our current ‘Front Door Status’ practices are as follows:

1- APPOINTMENT ONLY. No one (guest, service provider, congregate, Lay-Officer or clergy) may enter the building without an advanced appointment and/or scheduling. At the time/date of this posting, scheduling is be coordinated by the Church Secretary. Whom you may reach at either 201-941-5755 or

2- KNOCK TO ENTER. In this status, no one has 24/7 access to the building but also need not call ahead. Simply ring the doorbell upon arrival and (assuming the office is open) you will be either let in or asked to wait if safe capacity has already been reached. ONLY THOSE SECHELED IN ADVACE MAY USE THERE FRONT DOOR KEY TO ENTER.

3- LIMITED/STUCTURED ACCESS. In this status, a pained structure will be in place for any and all activates inside. These plans will be continually be updated as conditions change. Contact your Group Leader and/or the church office on those days for the most up to date information.

4- OPEN DOOR. We will reach this status when all restrictions and warnings for this area have passed. But may be revoked during a resurgence.