Mass Has Been Canceled                                                      July 9, 2020

Based on our ongoing observation of the current pandemic, Trinity Lutheran Church in Fairview NJ has chosen to cancel all immediately planed on premises Sunday service from now to September. A review will be conducted shortly before September to consider weather or not to restart at that time. Online service for July 12th has been canceled as this was scheduled to a part of regular in person service. A decision on future online service will be announced in the days to come. Current trends, along with heath concerns of many congregates has lead us to make this decision. As of the time and date of this posting; ongoing funerals and Celebration Of Life (Memorial) services will continue as scheduled. 
Trinity Front-Door-Status remains at Structured Access. All Social Distancing practices put in place by this church will be strictly enforced. Face covering is still required. Please contact you Group/Event Leader for full information on related Social Distancing practices.