Front Door Status: Structured Access.                               Tuesday September 8, 2020

More To Know 

This past Sunday was both the reopening of our doors for Sunday service and a test of the success of our preparation and planning for Social Distancing during service. For the most part, everything went well. Face coverings were on, distance was kept, and everyone knew what to do, mostly.
There were two things noticed during the service however. One was one we expected. That is the well-known issue of “Force Of Habit”. This led to some issues such as singing during the playing of instrumental performances, attempting to kneel for communion (even though the cushions had been removed) and people who generally ‘Zigged when they should have Zagged’. Please remember that the service is not only printed in the bulletin in its entirety but the order of the service has changed to adhere with Social Distancing. Please be mindful of how it is printed.
The second thing noticed was those arriving last minute and not giving themselves enough time to read the new inserts. We are now including in the bulletin a “Social Distancing Practices” insert. This insert includes changes made throughout the service. Please allow yourself enough time the review this insert each week as things in it may change as the current pandemic changes. A copy of the insert prepared for Sept. 13th can also be found at: .
Additionally, Please allow yourself enough time at the start of the day to ensure you get seated in time. Base on the current conditions of a given Sunday, temperature checks may be required for entry into the building. And seating is still limited to 15.
As we have been doing: For those who are not yet ready to join us in person may join us online live at: