June 11, 2021

!!! Nothing Has Changed !!!
!!! Nothing Has Changed !!!
!!! Nothing Has Changed !!!

In recent days, some have ‘added 2 + 2 and gotten 22’.

It is true that some governmental restrictions have been lifted leaving the responsibility of safety up to businesses owners and organization leaders. Be advised: Trinity Lutheran Church in Fairview NJ has not lifted any of it restrictions for many months. 
This parish both at the beginning of the pandemic as well today has a relatively higher percentage of persons whom are medically venerable. 
We are still:
1) Requiring masks during any and all gathering open to the public
2) Requiring Social Distancing during any and all gathering open to the public
3) Prohibiting both singing and the use of wind instruments (powered by human lungs) within the building
4) reserve the right to revise the limits on attendance (‘Head Count’) at any time

It is true that for several months now, we have not required each and every person to have their own individual appointment in order to enter the building. This should however not be interpreted to mean that all events and activities have returned to a normal schedule. Anyone who is not sure of their groups activity(s) at the church should contact their group leader for more information. Any group leader who is not 100% sure of what is and is not permitted must contact the church office before proceeding forward with any activity.

We also take this opportunity to remind everyone of our Pandemic Response chart below. At the time of this posting, We are at level 4-Limited/Structured Access. So for, We have not had to call for level 1-Quarentine. Please don’t give us a reason to use it now now that the US seems so close to the end.
1) Quarantine - No One enters or leaves the building for any reason.
2) Call For Appointment - No one may enter the building without either being perversely scheduled and/or calling in advance. This includes those who have been previously granted privilege to enter on their own. (‘Key-Holders’)
3) Knock To Enter - Appointment not required. But anyone wishing to enter must first ‘Knock’ to make sure that current capacity limits have not been reached. This includes those who have been previously granted privilege to enter on their own. (‘Key-Holders’)
4) Limited/Structured Access - Event and Group leads will be held responsible for making sure are pandemic safety requirements are followed. Additional requirements and/or requests may be presented at the door.
5) Open Door - Basically (in the eyes of most), things will return to pre-pandemic activity. But may be withdrawn if circumstances change.

Please be mindful of the above and help keep this parish safe for all.