Front Door Status: Structured Access June 28, 2020

As we have been and will continue to prepare for weekly mass and other activities, the need for a single point of access will by default become unnecessary. Key Holds (meant literally) after receiving and agreeing to our Social Distancing guidelines may open the door and allow there group(s) to enter. The process of all (applicable) groups regaining access is expected to be completed by the end of July.

Starting today, some activities (sadly starting with funerals/Celebration-Of-Life service) are being made ready for the days to come. During a given event and/or service, It will be the responsibility of that groups leader (via there group’s appointed reps) to ensure Social Distancing for that event. Not all activities will resume right away. Please check with your group leader before arriving at the church. 

Sunday July 12th, we are scheduled to resume ‘Normal’ weekly mass. Face Covering will be required to enter the building. A limited supply of masks will be available at the door. However, please feel free use your own preferred face covering. Additionally, other changes have been (and may continue to be) made to ensure the health and comfort of all in attendance. Refer to the Social Distancing insert of the weekly bulletin for a complete list of changes and instructions. Maximum occupancy for mass is currently set at no more than 18 persons at one time. But may change as circumstances dictate. 

Please be advised: The Wagner Wing and courtyard (a.k.a. C.L.C. play yard) are off limits! These areas of the building have been segregated from the rest of the church property in accordance with applicable guidelines regarding schools and daycare centers.