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“My Life Flows On in Endless Song” (With One Voice hymn # 781)
Song to return to Sunday worship on October 10, 2021.

Since early in 2020, the leaders of this congregation have been monitoring closely the still ongoing issue of the SARS-COV-2 (Covid-19) pandemic. And as most of you already know, we have had to keep restrictions in place months after other were able to relax their own. However, we are finally able to announce the relaxations of one of our own.
On October 10, 2021, there will once again be song during our Sunday worship. We still cannot remove our mask requirement given the current Delta variant wave. However with vaccination numbers past 70%, singing restrictions are now gone for those who can project there singing voice through a cloth mask. The hymnals are currently being returned to the pews as well as hymns being printed in the weekly bulletins. 
One related note: In order to restore this wonderful gift of expression, other restrictions had to be kept in place. One, as stated above, is that masks are still required for all events open to the public, including Sunday worship. Additionally, 6 foot (2 meter) Social Distancing is still practiced and some pews are still roped off for this reason. Lastly, please be aware that the air conditioning will not be used as the ventilation fans will need to be on during service. Next time you come to this parish, please pick up a revised copy of the Social Distancing insert as those placed inside past bulletins are now out of date. 
We continue to monitor this pandemic and look forward to the removal of even more restrictions.

Have a blessed day from
Trinity Lutheran Church in Fairview NJ

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