Each plant will cost $15. Payments upfront is not required but most defiantly appreciated.

​There are three ways to summit a requests:
> Download and mail a Request From 
> Email your request to: Trinity_NJ@verizon.net 
> Call: 201-941-5755. Leave a message if the office is closed.

When submitting a request, please include:
> a Given By name
> Indication of weather the request is In Memory OfIn Honor OfTo Celebrate or if you just wish to see more poinsettias by the alter (Yes, some people have done that).
> Name of the person and/or event Remembered/Celebrated/Honored
> Your chose of where the poinsettia will go after Christmas Eve mass;
    Taken by yourself (or some for you) or distributed to a shut-in.
Payment Option:

Important: If you payment account is under anther name then the 'Requested By' name on the request form(s), please indicate the requested by name with payment to insure proper crediting and record keeping.

By Check:     (Yes, people still use them.)
Writer check out for the full amount of all plants requested made payable to: 'Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church' and mail to:
 2021 Poinsettias
 Trinity Lutheran Church in Fairview NJ
 295 Hudson Place
 Fairview NJ 07022-2140

Electronic Payment or Credit Card via PayPal:
Our email address with PayPal is: Trinity_NJ@verizon.net. 

2021 Christmas Poinsettias